The “Best Interview” with Seymour Bernstein

Seymour’s fan club encompasses a vast array of e-list recipients who feel the pulse of the pianist’s response to a universe of infinite wonders. In a steady stream of emails FROM: see.less (not more–mour), TO: his many cyber-connected admirers, a cascade of attachments might contain a photo display of newborn puppies snuggling with a feline mother surrogate; or e-parcels will capture a tiger befriending a kangaroo. Interspersed among heart-warming animal kingdom posts, Bernstein will sometimes forward a set of eye-catching waterfall slides, giving full credit to a pupil photographer. A plethora of these peak experiences spring rhythmically from photo depictions of nature’s gifts, while they concurrently flow beside student concert updates, wrapped with affection.

Clearly Seymour’s embrace of life, filled with bundles of giving, is as touching as a child who experiences a first sunrise. At 90, Seymour is still agelessly wide-eyed and curious: always evolving and learning with a passion.


If Bernstein’s many past reflective interviews were enough to satisfy those interested in the pianist’s career as teacher, performer, author, composer, this latest posting stands out as unique. (It has acquired Seymour’s signature recommendation)

“Dear friends, I believe that this is one of the best interviews I have ever had.


I agree that it IS the best, based on reminiscences that are priceless and shared with impeccable timing.

“Living the Classical Life” (convened by Zsolt Bognar)

May Seymour continue to impart his gifts, talents, and precious anecdotes to a growing audience of dedicated followers.


NOTE: Seymour’s Vimeo on pedaling is a must see.
Link within blog:

Original Source: The “Best Interview” with Seymour Bernstein

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