Anders Nelsson loves Hong Kong

Anders Nelsson is a shining example of what a person can do when they genuinely integrate with the community around them. Inequality exists in all societies, all round the world., it’s no one’s “fault”, it’s just the way things are.  In some situations inequality can be exacerbated by other factors.  The man in the video below is singing in Cantonese. His accent’s so good you might he’s dubbed.  But it’s Anders himself.  He’s fluent because he integrated so completely into the community that he bridged the divides in society around him.  When he was young, he was a pop star, whom we adored.  Now, he’s loved even more deeply because of what he’s done with his life since.  It possibly helped that his parents were missionaries, who took Christian values seriously They were also poor, and lived among the community they served, as equals. They weren’t part of the power structure.  It’s all too easy to be an Eternal Tourist, enjoying the benefits of a place but nit really connecting on equal terms. Anders is proof that things can change.  :


Original Source: Anders Nelsson loves Hong Kong


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