Happy holidays!

rafa-and-johnnyWell, this is a festive photo!

Rafa — my son, five years old (can barely believe it) — outfits himself and a neighbor’s dog with fireman helmets. Grinning like a mad thing, because he’d just done a prank. Stuck out his tongue for the first draft of the photo.

Happy holidays, everyone. I hope they’re joyful for you. As for me — your warmth, your support, your interest in what I do helps keep me going all through the year.

So thanks for that! I’m grateful. And in return, I’ll send very strong wishes for your happiness.

And now a gift for you…

…some holiday music. Music that makes me happy.  My favorite tenors, and my three fave pop Xmas songs.

So starting with my tenors…


Carlo Bergonzi

Franco Corelli sings “O Holy Night.” Stupendous.

Carlo Bergonzi, so radiant in “White Christmas.” First in English, with such charm. Then in smiling Italian

zAnd finishing with pop…

The Drifters, “White Christmas.” They had fun n the early days of rock & roll.

Elvis, “Blue Christmas.” Of course!

The Ronettes, “Frosty the Snowman.” From Phil Spector’s Xmas album, with his titanic wall of sound. Which somehow doesn’t crush the song. Just makes it delirious.

Again, holiday greetings to everyone! Let’s do great things in the new year.

Original Source: Happy holidays!

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