Steve FlatoRoad to Ruins (Abrash)

The Grey Eminence by Warfather

WarfatherThe Grey Eminence (Greyhaze)

King Crimson – “Easy Money,” “Suitable Grounds for the Blues,” “Sailors Tale,” “Starless,” “Level Five” – 2016 European Tour downloads (DGMLive)

Pearl JamFenway Park, Boston, MA, Aug. 5, 2016 (Pearl Jam)

Joda ClémentSea Songs (Caduc)

Taku SugimotoMada – Ryoko Akama, Cristéan Alvear, Cyril Bondi, D’Incise (Caduc)

Santiago AstaburuagaGrado de Potencia #1 (Caduc)

Eric WubbelsDuos with Piano: Book I – Wet Ink Ensemble (Carrier)
> Shiverer – Erin Lesser, Eric Wubbels; “the children of fire come looking for fire” – Josh Modney, Eric Wubbels; doxa – Ian Antonio, Eric Wubbels; This is This is This is – Alex Mincek, Eliot Gattegno, Eric Wubbels

MetallicaU.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN, Aug. 20, 2016 (YouTube)

Suzanne CianiBuchla Concerts 1975 (Finders Keepers)

Suzanne CianiSeven Waves (AMS)

Graham LambkinSalmon Run (Kye)

Real Enemies by Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

Darcy James Argue’s Secret SocietyReal Enemies (New Amsterdam; due Sept. 30)

Pere UbuElitism for the People 1975-1978 (Fire)

Amirtha Kidambi Elder OnesHoly Science (Northern-Spy; due Nov. 11)

Original Source: Playlist.


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