Keith RoweLive at Fairchild Chapel (Idiopathic)

Han Bennink + Derek BaileyPost Improvisation 1: When We’re Smilin (Incus)

Derek Bailey + Han BenninkPost Improvisation 2: Air Mail Special (Incus)

Ryoko Akamaacceptance (Suppedaneum)
> a proposal – one – Stefan Thut; a proposal – two – lo wie; a proposal – three – Johnny Chang, Catherine Lamb

Matthew Revert/Vanessa RossettoEarnest Rubbish (Erstwhile)

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – “sketch 1” – “sketch 8” (from Equilibrium) (self-released)

Philip GlassGlassworks – Philip Glass Ensemble; In the Upper Room – studio orchestra/Michael Riesman (CBS Masterworks)

Seeds in the Tide vol. 04 by Rapoon

RapoonSeeds in the Tide, Vol. 4 (Zoharum)

Balter / Saunier by Dal Niente & Deerhoof

Dal Niente/DeerhoofBalter/Saunier (New Amsterdam)
> Marcos BaltermeltDown Upshot; Pois que nada que dure, ou que durando; Greg SaunierDeerhoof Chamber Variations – Deerhoof, Ensemble Dal Niente/Michael Lewanski

Thought and Desire by Linda Catlin Smith, composer; Eve Egoyan, pianist

Linda Catlin SmithThought and Desire – Eve Egoyan (Earwitness Editions/World Edition)
> Nocturnes and Chorales; Thought and Desire; The Underfolding

Dominions by Sarah Davachi

Sarah DavachiDominions (JAZ Records)

Mike Shiflet – The Choir, The Army by Under The Spire Recordings

Mike ShifletThe Choir, the Army (Under the Spire)

The Magic by Deerhoof

DeerhoofThe Magic (Polyvinyl)

DJ ShadowEndtroducing (Mo’ Wax)

Loren ConnorsAirs (Recital)

Sean McCannA Castle Popping (Recital)

Quaking Myth by Xiphiidae

XiphiidaeQuaking Myth (Aguirre)

Accessory Works to Music for Private Ensemble by Sean McCann

Sean McCannAccessory Works to Music for Private Ensemble (Recital)

Jessica PavoneSilent Spills (Relative Pitch; due July 15)

Carnival Of Souls by Pere Ubu

Pere UbuCarnival of Souls (Fire)

Various artistsPunk 45: Burn, Rubber City, Burn! Akron, Ohio: Punk and the Decline of the Mid-West 1975-80 (Soul Jazz)

MinutemenThe Punch Line (SST)

Sonic YouthExperimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star (DGC)

Derek Bailey/Evan ParkerThe London Concert (Psi)

Original Source: Playlist.


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