AMMÉglise Saint-Merri, Paris, France, April 7, 2016 (YouTube)

AMMLaminal (Matchless)

AMM IIIIt Had Been an Ordinary Enough Day in Pueblo, Colorado (JAPO)

AMMThe Inexhaustible Document (Matchless)

AMMThe Nameless Uncarved Block (Matchless)

Parker MillsapThe Very Last Day (Okrahoma)

Elvis PresleyFor LP Fans Only (RCA Victor)

AMMNewfoundland (Matchless)

AMMLive in Allentown USA (Matchless)

AMMFrom a Strange Place (P.S.F.)

Spontaneous Music EnsembleKaryōbin (Chronoscope)

Spontaneous Music EnsembleSummer 1967 (Emanem)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble1.2. Albert Ayler (Affinity)

Joseph Holbrooke TrioThe Moat Recordings (Tzadik)

Peter Brötzmann Sextet/QuartetNipples (Unheard Music Series/Atavistic)

Globe Unity OrchestraHamburg ’74 (Unheard Music Series/Atavistic)

Misha Mengelberg & ICP OrchestraJapan Japon (ICP)

CompanyCompany 1 (Incus < YouTube)

Original Source: Playlist.


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