Keith Rowe/John TilburyEnough still not to know (Sofa)

Sheer Hellish Miasma by Kevin Drumm

Kevin DrummSheer Hellish Miasma (Editions Mego < Bandcamp)

Great stone / Blood dunza by Diatribes

DiatribesGreat Stone/Blood Dunza (Aussenraum < Bandcamp)

The System Likes You And Wants To Be Your Friend (PA047) by 1/3 Octave Band

1/3 Octave BandThe System Likes You and Wants to Be Your Friend (PseudoArcana < Bandcamp)

Herbie HancockSextant (Columbia/Legacy)

Cult of Luna with Julie ChristmasMariner (Indie Recordings)

Dominions by Sarah Davachi

Sarah DavachiDominions (JAZ Records < Bandcamp)

Kick Me Silly; VC3 by Venomous Concept

Venomous ConceptKick Me Silly: VC 3 (Season of Mist < Bandcamp)

Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses by Brutal Truth

Brutal TruthExtreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses (Earache < Bandcamp)

In for a Penny, In for a Pound by Henry Threadgill

Henry ThreadgillIn for a Penny, In for a Pound (Pi Recordings < Bandcamp)

Old Locks and Irregular Verbs by Henry Threadgill’s Ensemble Double Up

Henry Threadgill Double Up EnsembleOld Locks and Irregular Verbs (Pi Recordings < Bandcamp)

Tronic by Black Milk

Black MilkTronic (Fat Beats < Bandcamp)

Phat KatThe Undeniable (Barak Entertainment)

Alexander von Schlippenbach TrioPakistani Pomade (UMS/Atavistic)

Various artistsTempa. Allstars Vol. 1 (Tempa.)

AMMInstitute of Contemporary Art, Boston, October 14, 2000 (YouTube)

Original Source: Playlist.


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