If There’s A Hell Below by Black Milk

Black MilkIf There’s a Hell Below (Computer Ugly < Bandcamp)

Detroit’s Son by Guilty Simpson

Guilty SimpsonDetroit’s Son (Stones Throw < Bandcamp)

Slum VillageFan-Tas-Tic, Vol. 1 (Donut Boy)

Donuts by J Dilla

J DillaDonuts (Stones Throw < Bandcamp)

Healsonar by Aube

AubeHealsonar (G.R.O.S.S. < Bandcamp)

Flare by Aube

AubeFlare (Iris Light Records < Bandcamp)

Flush by Aube

AubeFlush (Iris Light Records < Bandcamp)

Richard WagnerGötterdämmerung – Hildegard Behrens, Reiner Goldberg, Matti Salminen, Bernd Weikl, Cheryl Studer, Hanna Schwarz, Metropolitan Opera Chorus & Orchestra/James Levine (Deutsche Grammophon)

Cecil Taylor Unit One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye (hatOLOGY)

Motion Sickness of Time TravelWeeks (Adversary Electronics)

Grant EvansThe Hyacinth (Adversary Electronics)

Split by Bastian Void/Kyle Landstra

Bastian Void / Kyle LandstraBastian Void/Kyle Landstra (Lillerne < Bandcamp)

EARS by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithEARS (Western Vinyl < Bandcamp)

David FirstSame Animal, Different Cages Vol. 1: Études for Acoustic Guitar (Fábrica < Bandcamp; due May 9)

Original Source: Playlist.


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