John ZornThe Gnostic Preludes: Music of Splendor – Carol Emanuel, Bill Frisell, Kenny Wollesen (Tzadik)

John ZornAlastor: Book of Angels, Volume 21 – Eyvind Kang plays Masada Book Two (Tzadik)

John ZornThe Hermetic Organ: St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC (Tzadik)

John ZornThe Painted Bird (Tzadik)

John ZornMadrigals – Jane Sheldon, Lisa Bielawa, Sarah Brailey, Mellissa Hughes, Rachel Calloway, Kirsten Sollek (Tzadik)

John ZornEnigmata – Marc Ribot, Trevor Dunn (Tzadik)

John ZornHen to Pan: Jay Campbell Plays John Zorn (Tzadik)

Cloud CultThe Seeker (Rebel Group)

Iggy PopPost Pop Depression (Loma Vista)

Fantastic Planet by Noveller

NovellerFantastic Planet (Fire)

XTREME NOW by Prince Rama

Prince RamaXtreme Now (Carpark)

Esperanza SpaldingEmily’s D+Evolution (Concord)

Fatboy SlimYou’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (Skint)

John ZornThe Book of Heads – James Moore (Tzadik)

John ZornCerberus: Book of Angels, Volume 26 – The Spike Orchestra plays Masada Book Two (Tzadik)

John ZornOn Leaves of Grass – Nova Express (Tzadik)

John ZornThe Alchemist (Tzadik)
> The Alchemist – Pauline Kim, Jesse Mills, David Fulmer, Jay Campbell; Earthspirit – Jane Sheldon, Mellissa Hughes, Kirsten Sollek

John ZornJohn Zorn’s Olympiad, Vol. 1: Dither Plays Zorn (Tzadik)
> Curling (electric short); Hockey (acoustic dry); Fencing (electric); Curling (acoustic); Hockey (electric wet); Fencing (acoustic); Hockey (electric dry); Curling (electric long)

John ZornPsychomagia (Tzadik)

John ZornShir Hashirim – Martha Cluver, Lisa Bielawa, Kathryn Mulvehill, Abigail Fischer, Kirsten Sollek (Tzadik)


AnohniHopelessness (Secretly Canadian; due May 6)

Kayo DotPlastic House on Base of Sky (The Flenser; due June 24)

Say So by Bent Knee

Bent KneeSay So (Cuneiform; due May 20)

Ian William CraigCradle for the Wanting (Recital)

Nothing to Be Sad About by Nathan Mc Laughlin

Nathan McLaughlinNothing to Be Sad About (Eilean)

Original Source: Playlist.


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