On Thursday…

Happy new year, everyone!

AlaskaAnd a quick suggestion. If you’re in New York on Thursday, why not join Marketing Chamber Music: A SAVVY Strategy for Success?

This is an intensive marketing workshop, created for pre-conference day at the Chamber Music America national conference, and produced by the same people who do the Savvy Musician in Action entrepreneurship workshop every June in South Carolina. I taught in it last year, and wow…a peak experience for me, and just about everyone else, students and faculty alike. We all learned so much.

On Thursday I’ll be talking about the role of art, in chamber music. How it’s the foundation of everything you do, when you perform. Including the design and marketing of your concerts. Everthing grows from your love of the music you do. Everthing!

I’ll give many examples, to show how it’s done. And I’ll encourage you to do the music you most love, even if you can’t see who the audience for it might be.

And also coming up

My Juilliard course on the future of classical music, which starts next week. I’ll post complete info on the class, including a week by week schedule, with links to all assignments.

Here’s last year’s version. Some things will very likely change. But if you follow the link, you’ll see what I teach.

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