Violin/Sine by Morgan Evans-Weiler

King Crimson Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 27, 1981 (DGMlive)

Dead & CompanyDCU Center, Worcester, MA, Nov. 10, 2016 (

Morgan Evans-WeilerViolin/Sine (Individual Lines < Bandcamp)

AbbathAbbath (Season of Mist; due Jan. 22)

Low EstateBlood Horizon (Bandcamp)

SpylacopaParallels (Rising Pulse < Bandcamp)

EnslavedRIITIIR (Nuclear Blast)

Peter Brötzmann/John Edwards/Steve NobleSoulfood Available (Clean Feed)

Tony Malaby’s TubaCelloScorpion Eater (Clean Feed)

King CrimsonTHRAK (2015 mix) (THRAK BOX disc 5) (DGM)

King CrimsonJurassiKc THRAK (THRAK BOX disc 1) (DGM)

King CrimsonMaximum VROOOM (THRAK BOX disc 2) (DGM)

EnslavedIn Times (Nuclear Blast)

Tangerine DreamThe Official Bootleg Series, Volume One: Reims Cathedral December 1974 & Mozartsaal, Mannheim October 1976 (Esoteric)

King CrimsonTHRAK (2002 remaster) (THRAK BOX disc 3) (DGM)

King CrimsonATTAKcATHRAK (The Vicar’s THRAK) (THRAK BOX disc 4) (DGM)

King CrimsonByte Size THRAK (THRAK BOX disc 6) (DGM)

King CrimsonKcensington THRAK (THRAK BOX disc 7/8) (DGM)

Original Source: Playlist.


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