Weeks by Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Motion Sickness of Time TravelWeeks (self-released < Bandcamp)

Tuluum ShimmeringDark Star (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

PalehoundDry Food (Exploding in Sound; due Aug. 14)

PalehoundKitchen (Exploding in Sound < Bandcamp)

Steve ReichMusic for 18 Musicians – Ensemble Modern/Brad Lubman (RCA Red Seal)

Electric WizardTime to Die (Spinefarm)

King CrimsonAgora, Atlanta, GA, Nov. 13, 1981 (DGMLive)

CliffsidesHeadspace (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

Sparkling Wide PressureDream of Windows (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

Rain DrinkersWood Violet (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

Hobo CubesMemories (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

BluesharpSinkhole Flora (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

Cenote GlowMusa Paradisiaca (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

cloudsoundasperatus (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

Charles BarabéDates & Confessions (Tranquility Tapes < Bandcamp)

Jürg Frey/Radu MalfattiII (Erstwhile)

Jürg FreyWeites Land, Tiefe Zeit: Räume 1-8 (B-Boim)

King CrimsonCullen Auditorium, Houston, TX, Nov. 15, 1981 (DGMLive)

Original Source: Playlist.


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