x-ray three: Amorosa Sensitiva by Benjamin Finger

Lamb of GodNew American Gospel (Prosthetic)

King CrimsonThe Savoy, New York, NY, Nov. 6, 1981, second house (DGMLive)

Jean Sibelius – Overture in A minor; Kuolema – complete incidental music; Two Songs from Twelfth Night; Kung Kristian II – complete incidental music – Pia Pajala, Waltteri Torikka, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra/Leif Segerstam (Naxos)

LychgateAn Antidote for the Glass Pill (Blood Music; due Aug. 15)

Robert GlasperCovered (The Robert Glasper Trio Recorded Live at Capitol Studios) (Blue Note; due June 16)

Lamb of GodVII: Sturm und Drang (Epic; due July 24)

MelvinsHold It In (Ipecac)

Lamb of GodAs the Palaces Burn (Prosthetic)

Lamb of GodAshes of the Wake (Epic)

Grateful DeadDick's Picks, Vol. 17: Boston Garden, Boston, MA 9/25/91 (Grateful Dead/Rhino)

Oh, YokoI Love You… (Normal Cookie < Bandcamp)

YesOttawa Civic Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Nov. 1, 1972 (Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two, discs 3 & 4) (Rhino)

Catalyst QuartetBach/Gould Project (Azica)
(Johann Sebastian Bach – "Goldberg" Variations; Glenn Gould – String Quartet No. 1)

Tropical TrashUnoriginals (TT < Bandcamp)

Tropical TrashLive at the Fillmore Etc. (Bandcamp)

Tropical Trash Climax Cathedral/Climax Control (Loin Seepage < Bandcamp)

Steven WilsonSampler (Kscope/Amazon free download)

Tropical TrashUFO Rot (Load)

Anna Thorvaldsdottir - Rhizoma (Innova)
(Dreaming – Iceland Symphony Orchestra/Daníel Bjarnason; Hrím; Streaming Arhythmia – CAPUT Ensemble/Snorri Sigfús Birgisson; Hidden – Justin DeHart)

Charles WuorinenDante Trilogy (Naxos)
(The Mission of Virgil; The Great Procession; The River of Light – Group for Contemporary Music)

Kevin Parks/Vanessa RossettoSevere Liberties (ErstAEU)

Devin DiSanto/Nick HoffmanThree Exercises (ErstAEU)

MonoThe Last Dawn (Temporary Residence < Bandcamp)

MonoRays of Darkness (Temporary Residence < Bandcamp)

Benjamin FingerAmorosa Sensitiva (Blue Tapes/X-Ray Records < Bandcamp)

Howard StelzerHow To (Phage Tapes < Bandcamp)

Benjamin FingerPleasurably Lost (Eilean < Bandcamp)

Benjamin FingerThe Bet (Watery Starve < Bandcamp)

Ornette ColemanThe Shape of Jazz to Come (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanSomething Else! (Contemporary)

Ornette ColemanTomorrow Is the Question! (Contemporary)

Ornette ColemanChange of the Century (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanThis Is Our Music (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanFree Jazz (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanOrnette! (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanOrnette on Tenor (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanThe Art of the Improvisers (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanTwins (Atlantic)

Ornette ColemanTo Whom Who Keeps a Record (Atlantic)

RushAll the World's a Stage (Mercury)

RushExit Stage Left (Mercury)

RushGrace Under Pressure (Mercury)

RushA Show of Hands (Mercury)

Steve ReichMusic for 18 Musicians  – Steve Reich & Musicians (ECM)

Ornette ColemanJazzbuhne Berlin '88 (Repertoire)

Various artistsMusic with 58 Musicians, Volume One (ECM)

King CrimsonPalazzo dello Sport, Udine, Italy, March 19, 1974 (DGMLive)

Steve ReichMusic for 18 Musicians  – Steve Reich & Musicians (Nonesuch)

Original Source: Playlist.


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