King CrimsonThe Savoy, New York, NY, Nov. 6, 1981, first house (DGMLive)

Michael BatesNorthern Spy (Stereoscopic)

David BowieNothing Has Changed (Columbia/Legacy)

Grateful DeadDave's Picks, Vol. 1: The Mosque, Richmond, VA 5/25/77 (Grateful Dead)

Sly & the Family StoneLive at the Fillmore East October 4th & 5th 1968 (Epic/Legacy; due July 17)

Steven WilsonHand. Cannot. Erase. (Kscope)

Chris Lightcap's BigmouthEpicenter (Clean Feed)

Sarah DavachiQualities of Bodies Permanent (Constellation Tatsu < Bandcamp)

Nicholas VinesTorrid Nature Scenes (Navona)
(Nicholas VinesThe Butcher of Brisbane; Economy of Wax; Torrid Nature Scene – Elliot Gattegno, Adrienne Pardee, Jessi Rosinski, Derek Mosloff, Franziska Huhn, Paula Downes, Thea Lobo, Callithumpian Consort/Stephen Drury)

Sarah DavachiThe Untuning of the Sky (Full Spectrum)

Quiet EveningsImpressions (Aguirre < Bandcamp)

Quiet EveningsOther Windows (Hooker Vision < Bandcamp)

Quiet EveningsTranscending Spheres (Preservation < Bandcamp)

William BasinskiVivian & Ondine – Live at Issue Project Room, June 11, 2010 (YouTube)

Calico Field RecordingsCalico Field Recordings (Noumenal Loom < Bandcamp)

Motion Sickness of Time TravelBallade for a Strawberry Moon (self-released < Bandcamp)

Grant EvansRespite (VAALD < Bandcamp)

Grant EvansTactical Gamelan (Hooker Vision < Bandcamp)

Quiet EveningsBurning Bridges (Hooker Vision < Bandcamp)

Coyote Image ClassicCoyote Image Classic (Hooker Vision < Bandcamp)

Motion Sickness of Time TravelSeeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious (Hooker Vision)

Quiet EveningsMy Soul Will Be the Song of the Desert That Will Follow You (Dial Square < Bandcamp)

CanTago Mago (Spoon)

Eric Chasalowfeather, breath, mirror (Suspicious Motives)
(Eric ChasalowDue (Cinta)mani – Vicki Ray; Flute Concerto: three love poems – Tara Helen O'Connor, Alan Kay, Curtis Macomber, Fred Sherry, Tom Kolor, Stephen Gosling/Jeffrey Milarsky; Trois Espaces du Son – Ancuza Aprodu, Thierry Miroglio; Horn Concerto – Bruno Schneider, Boston Modern Orchestra Project/Gil Rose)

Eric ChasalowAre You Radioactive, Pal? Electroacoustic Music by Eric Chasalow (Suspicious Motives)
(Eric ChasalowScuffle and Snap – Daniel Stepner; Into Your Ears; Are You Radioactive, Pal? – Philipp Staudin; Wolpe Variations; Variation 5 from Seven Variations on Three Spaces; Symphony of Popular Misconceptions; Museum in D; This Way Out; As a Kind of Knowing)

Steve ReichMusic for 18 Musicians – Rough Fields (Bomb Shop)

Steve ReichMusic for 18 Musicians – Amadinda Percussion Group (Hungaroton)

JD EmmanuelWizards (Important Records)

AutechreTri Repetae (Warp)

Original Source: Playlist.


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