My Steinway “M” Grand gets the Royal Treatment, DAY ONE!

Shawn Skylark at work

Shawn Skylark was given a royal welcome as he crossed the threshold of my piano-filled apartment. On this FIRST day of TWO slated for regulating and voicing beloved Steinway M, (1917), seasoned technician, Skylark rose to the occasion with meticulous analysis of stack mounting issues and attendant screw bearing irregularities. It was phase one of stabilizing the frame for a bout of intensive regulation.

In prep for Skylark’s appearance, I had cleared space around my grand, dismantling a second tripod with an overhead webcam, while shuttling music books, a music stand and my Yamaha Arius YDP 141 off to the side.

As it played out, Shawn glued and clamped a pivotal split rail (big surprise!) that he had to set overnight before he resumes work in the morning. (Stay TUNED)

Keyboard pile-up crop

Here’s a recap of Day 1:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.25.34 PM

TOMORROW evening brings a culminating review of Steinway’s re-emergence as a well-regulated and well-voiced piano.


Original Source: My Steinway “M” Grand gets the Royal Treatment, DAY ONE!


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